Life at PGI

There are many activities on campus organized either by clubs, student union or PGI.


Sports Area


Gym/Fitness Center

PGI focuses not only on academic development but also on personal development. It provides opportunities for sports enthusiasts to share their interests and participate in events and competitions. On campus there are state of the art facilities with opportunities for mini-football, hockey, cricket, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, badminton, and basketball.


A place where you can come to unwind. There are various exercise machines, weights and qualified instructors to help and guide you.


Health Center



Student Union

Highly trained medical staffs are available from Monday to Thursdat while the Institute is in session. Details of opening times will be posted on the noticeboard. Students are welcomed to use the facility in emergencies as well as for routine medical tests. Most services are free of charge. Please check with the person on duty to find out what is available. 

Although the health centre is not primarily a pharmacy where some over-the-counter medicines may be purchased, some general prescriptions may be available when supported by a prescription from the PGI medical doctor on campus. Prescriptions can also be filled at pharmacies nearby the campus.

The Student Union is a leading head to ensure students’ safety and rights on the campus and also to arrange activities in co-operation with the Student Affairs department. There will be a Student Union President and Vice-President, who will be assisted by other elected student union members. 


Team Meeting

Each member of PGI will be placed in a team with 30 other students, having a team professor who will caring and advising you for a year. Being in a team will help you make friends and do lots of fun activities together.





Festival & Contest

There are many other experiences and events within PGI. Amongst them are the International Buddy System (IBS); to befriend a Korean student with many opportunities to spend a fun time.   PGI provides a Global Culture Festival once a year, where many different cultures are represented. Come and try the food and learn about different cultures.
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