At PGI we focus on three main areas: Excellence, Globalization and Character Education which all contribute towards providing you with an excellent education and foundation for the future whether you decide to pursue further studies or to start your career.

Academic Excellence

We offer an international standard education with highly qualified foreign faculty who bring not only expertise and knowledge in their specific fields but also a wealth of international experience and networks. Not only will they conduct lectures and seminars but they will also be actively involved in mentoring and guiding you.


All courses will be conducted in English.English Language Institute offers you the opportunity to develop your English language skills to a higher degree, which is a key skill in the job market and essential for those wanting to work or study abroad.


In order to support your studies we also offer a range of extra-curricular activities as well as a range of learning resources and up-to-date facilities such as library and IT facilities. We also have a health centre and offer counseling and a well-structured mentoring program.

International Links

As part of our main goals we seek to increase our collaboration/partnerships with business leaders and universities around the world, in order to offer our graduates maximum opportinities. During the semester students will have the opportunity to travel abroad to countries such as South Korea, USA, and China, through the PGI vision trip program, where they can experience a wider global perspective. In addition, exchange programs are also available.

Specialist Courses

PGI also provides educational courses for international certificates or licenses such as Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), which will also help students increase their skills and knowledge and be a great advantage when applying for jobs. 


We know how important your career is. Every year PGI will fund and host a Career Development program and job fair to help graduates find jobs. Also with our international and local business links we are best placed to help you get started in your new career.

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